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VPN and Networking


We think network night and day, a one stop solution for your network

Reliability - Efficiency

From our very first Local Area Network installation in 1994, Netpage has gone from strength-to-strength and built a reputation based on reliability, efficiency and above all simplicity.

We understand that in todays business environment success is based on being able to respond and adapt to a situation with minimal effort. This is why the R-E-S Approach was developed.

Netpage prides itself in provide stable infrastructures such as LANs WANs VPNs Point to Point Solutions.

Reliability. Having a working and reliable network infrastructure is totally essential to your business. Without a solid foundation everything will collapse. This is true to your network infrastructure as well. We create networks that can handle the most complex demands of your business with ease thereby ensuring you go to sleep at night with a peace of mind.

Efficiency. Imagine working in an environment where every decision you make takes ages to process. We believe in eliminating the bottlenecks that are time consuming (and frustrating) in your network and creating a network that ensures maximum efficiency because we realise and understand that for our clients, time is money. So by creating more time for your business, we create more opportunities for you to make money.


Our clients include:

  • Banks/Telecoms Sector
  • The Diplomatic Core
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

  • The Construction Industry
  • The Food Industry
  • Government / NGOs
  • The Travel Industry