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Press Release


Netpage Launches First 4G LTE Network in The Gambia

Date: 17 March 2015

Netpage wishes to inform the general public and all its esteemed customers that it has launched a newnetwork called Long Term Evolution commonly referred to as LTE.

LTE is a state-of-the art wireless internet technology that combines the latest mobile and fixed high speedbroadband internet features, some of which are Higher throughput,Lower latency and better contention ratio.

This new technology will benefit all categories of the market ranging from residential homes, small andmedium scale enterprises, corporate organizations, NGOs and government institutions. Various clientpremises equipment (CPE) will be available to suit each client category depending on your location anddistance to the nearest base station.

It could be recalled that the launch of LTE stems from earlier pioneering steps taken in 2012; when Netpage launched the first 4G Network not only in The Gambia, but in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The unrelenting drive to nurture technology innovation by Netpage is not only motivated by marketleadership goals, but a positive response to leading and setting industry standards in positioning itself atthe epicentre of the widely acclaimed Silicon Valley Concept deeply enshrined in our cherished Vision 2020 Goal.

The LTE initiative by Netpage seeks to put The Gambia once again on the spotlight as a technology drivennation that recognizes technology as one of the leading factors of production in achieving economicgrowth and development. Though geographically small but technologically advanced, the necessaryprerequisites for development are being set to reposition The Gambia in the category of EmergingCountries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The LTE deployment will be done in phases with existing customers gradually migrated whilst new clientswill be directly taken on board. Existing clients will be migrated at no cost with a free swap of 4G device toequivalent LTE device.


New Netpage Internet Gateway – Goes Live!

Date: 21 February 2013


We are pleased to inform our esteemed clients that Netpage is now connected to the ACE FIBRE CABLE.

The connection to the ACE CABLE is yet another milestone for Netpage and its loyal clients as we strive to provide faster broadband services with cutting edge technology to our clients through our 4G Max Evolution Platform.


Netpage Internet Gateway!

Date: 10 January 2012

Netpage Company Limited has the pleasure to inform the general public that we have launched a 4G network in The Gambia. We are proud to launch the first 4G network in The Gambia which is also one of the few 4G networks rolled out globally.

Netpage has always been and continues to be committed to fulfilling the desired goals of our valued customers, whose expectations and satisfaction remain our driving force, by providing fast, reliable, accessible and cost effective internet.

In a bid towards realising these objectives, we have been tirelessly expanding and upgrading our infrastructure over the past 12 months, the outcome of which, we are proud to announce - the new 4G Netpage brand “MaxEvolution”.

The performance level of the 4G platform can have up to 40 times more capacity and delivers more speed. With our new technology, customers will no longer experience slow connectivity due to congestion or “overcrowding”, whilst enjoying the benefits of competitive pricing.

Netpage is bringing in a new fold of modern IT internet class category, the Premium Group.

The advent of the ACE Project will immensely enhance this new network in terms of adequate bandwidth and cost effectiveness. We believe that all sectors of the economy will stand to gain from the project; corporate bodies, Government, NGOs, SMEs, Diplomatic organisations and domestic users will all be winners.

As part of our strategy, the 4G Platform will be rolled out as per our implementation plan, for which we intend to achieve nationwide access in line with our universal access policy.

We wish to take this opportunity to extend our deepest and sincerest appreciation to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, our partner financial institutions, and our valued customers for their tireless support and encouragement towards the realisation of this project.

We continue to contribute towards national economic development in achieving our 2020 vision.